Resources for Writers

Book cover image How to Write Romantic comedy

Based on talks that Jane Lovering and I gave at RNA Conferences, How To Write Romantic Comedy is a how to guide with jokes in it. We try to demystify the comedy part of romantic comedy.

Manuscript Critiques and Mentoring – did you know that if you want me to, I can review you manuscript (or even your work in progress) and do a structural edit? Well, I can. Click through for details.

Romance Writers Toolkit – a selection of writing and marketing books that are useful.

Resources from Getting Published is Just the Beginning: A Guide to IP Rights for traditionally published authors and creative writing students – This snappily titled book is aimed at authors early in their career. There’s a ton of resources on here. (If it’s a little overwhelming, you might find the book useful!). 

Free Publisher Offer Checklist – Been offered a publishing contract and overwhelmed by all the things you need to think about? Cut through the overwhelm with a handy checklist.

Creative Writing articles (some originally written for the Beverley Guardian)

Find time to write that novel (October 2015)

Get to know your characters (November 2015)

Point of View Explained (December 2015)

Character Arc (January 2016)

Create conflict on the page (March 2016)

Three Act Story Structure in a Nutshell

Seven Places to Find Inspiration 

Seven ways to add humour to your writing (on Jami Gold’s blog)

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Ways crocheting a blanket is like writing a book (September 2015)

Writer’s Workshop

Diversity in Genre Fiction: When a book is not ‘Asian enough’ (May 2016)

USA Today (no longer online)

When Science Meets Romance (December 2014)

7 reasons why we love geek heroes (September 2014)

Why Do Americans Like Reading British Romance? (March 2014)

Looking back at Meg Cabot’s ‘Boy’ series (June 2016)

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