Point of View explained

Last month’s column in the Beverley Guardian was all about Point of View. It’s something a lot of new writers struggle with. Here’s my explanation of it;


2016-04-24 16.05.43
Whose head are you looking at the world from?

3 thoughts on “Point of View explained

  1. Wonderful article! I prefer deep 3rd-person narrative, too, when I write. As a reader I tend to like it more than 1st person, but with a good story, I’m fine with either. I’m not a huge fan of omniscient though, but now I’ll have to read “Mrs Dalloway” to see it done well. 🙂


  2. Remember how hard our creative writing teacher drilled POV into our heads? There was one woman in class who used to switch POV every paragraph. Lovely column on it my friend!


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