Getting Published is Just the Beginning – a basic guide to IP and contracts for writers

Read this book before you sign your next contract.” Dr Kirsty Bunting, (Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University’s  Writing School)

“This enjoyable and informative book is essential reading. It will help you  decide which publishing model works for you, and will explain how to get the most value out of the writing that you spent so much time and effort on.” Emma Byrne – Author of Swearing is Good for You and How to Build a Human

Take charge of your author career
Are you an unagented novelist managing your own writing career?
Have you written a book and don’t know where to start with getting a publisher?
This book is for you.
I have worked in the Intellectual Property (IP) and licensing sector for over a decade. I’m also a novelist and creative writing mentor.
Over the years I’ve answered a lot of questions from authors who are at the start of their traditional publishing careers. Many writers find the business of licensing IP confusing and contracts impenetrable. Often, even when they seek legal advice, they aren’t given a context in which to interpret this advice.
This easy-to-read guide will give you the tools you need to take charge of your author career.

You will learn:

Chapter 1: Becoming a professional Writer

Chapter 2: Intellectual Property

Chapter 3: Slicing up IP – Your work is more than the one thing you wrote

Chapter 4: Contracts

Chapter 5: Publishing Pathways

Chapter 6: Traditional publishers

Chapter 7: Vanity publishers

Chapter 8: Self publishing aka Independent (‘indie’) publishing

Chapter 9: Working with an agent

Chapter 10: Branding and Pen names

Chapter 11: Self promotion

Chapter 12: Alternative sources of income (until you have your big hit)

Chapter 13: It’ll be okay, keep writing

Chapter 14: Resource list