How to create a character arc

I’ve been a bit lax with sharing my creative writing column with you. Last month, I wrote about character arcs – what are they? Why do you need one? How to create one.

Here’s a link to the article on the web:


2 thoughts on “How to create a character arc

  1. Interesting that you give Breaking Bad as an example. I haven’t seen it yet but am watching the first season of the prequel – Better call Saul. The extremely flawed Saul / Jimmy, doesn’t seem so far to have learned from his many humiliating experiences. I haven’t worked out exactly why yet, but I’ve taken to him.


    1. I’ve not seen Better Call Saul. I’m guessing Saul is the ‘lovable rogue’ type – not a good man as such, but has redeeming qualities and a strong code of conduct (even if it’s not a particularly moral one).


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