Girl On The Run is out! Woo hoo!

My romantic comedy Patently in Love has been rejuvenated, revamped and rereleased under the Choc Lit Lite imprint as Girl On the Run. This is awesome news on so many levels, not least because I’m a ‘real’ Choc Lit author now! I’m so happy I’m dancing around (with Band on The Run playing in my head) – which is probably just as well because I need to burn off all the celebratory chocolate I’ve had…

Anyway, if you want to check it out or just give it a friendly wave,  it looks like this:

GOTR_Kindle2 highres
Girl On the Run – romance with a healthy dose of cynicism.


In case you haven’t heard me wittering on about it before – it’s about a girl who is hiding from fame, working in a patent attorney firm. There’s pop-stars, gossip magazines, a lot of ice cream and a tiny bit about patents. I had the best fun writing this book. Marshall is still one of the nicest guys I’ve ever made up.

In other news, I read an article in the Telegraph about how French women are turning to colouring in as a stress buster. Since I’ve been doing my daily colouring in every work day this year, I feel rather smug because I’m on trend for once. Here’s this month’s calendar:

2014-06-04 16.51.09
Like an advent calendar, but without the Christmas…


The wedding theme was because my friend at work got engaged around the time I was drawing it, so I had weddings on the mind. I leave my calendar on the wall behind my chair at work, which means I have to physically turn my back on my computer during colouring in time. Also, it gives me something to look forward to on the Monday when I have to find and colour in THREE days instead of one. Plus, I like sharpening the pencils (I may need to get a life…).

If  you sign up for my newsletter this month, I’ll send you a pdf of it so that you too and bust your stress with some colouring in each day. I’m nice like that.




The lovely shiny new cover for Girl on The Run

Okay, here it is… ready?


GOTR_Kindle2 highres



My first novel has been re-edited, re-packaged, re-named  and re-released under the Choc Lit Lite imprint at the end of May.

Girl On The Run (which used to be called Patently in Love) is the story of a girl who ran away from fame to become a lawyer.  There’s gossip magazines, lawyers, pop stars, annoying little sisters, lots of emails and sharp dialogue. And ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

It’s also the only romantic comedy which has a patent attorney as the main character. Most patent attorneys I know are clever and charming. I don’t know why they don’t turn up in rom coms more often.

It’s too early for reviews of Girl on the Run yet, but here are a few nice things people said the first time around.

I think I’ll go have an ice cream to celebrate.

Having a Ball on Tour – stop 2: Total Book Geek

Here we are are the second stop of the Having a Ball book tour. Today I’m talking to Athena at Total Book Geek about my top ten tips on organising a ball (and sampling some rather nice wine). She gave the book 4 out of 5 stars (phew!) and if you leave your own top tip, you have a chance to win one of two copies of Patently in Love.

The rafflecopter thingy again, in case you wanted to enter using that instead:
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Have a good Thursday.


Having a Ball is going on Tour!

How rock and roll does that sound?

To kick off the tour, I’m chatting to Shaz at Jera’s Jamboree. You can read the interview here.

Jera’s Jamboree : Feature Post Rhoda Baxter.

Completely coincidentally, I’m also chatting to Emma at Writer in a Wheelchair today. I hope I didn’t repeat myself…

Sri Lankan party food – #4 Sweet coconut pancakes

Carrying on with the recipes of the Transatlantic Pot Luck party, here’s my recipe for coconut treacle pancakes. I love, love, love  these pancakes.I dream of them sometimes. Once, when I was living in the House in Norham Gardens, my mum brought me some. My Ghanian housemate offered to cook me dinner for a whole week in exchange for one. That, my friends, is how delicious these pancakes are.

Oh, and if you’re curious to see what my writing (or Trish’s writing) is like, you can download the prequels to both our books for 99c (that’s about 79p in UK money) all this week (8th – 15th of March 2013). Or there’s Tea for Three, the FREE short story.

Pancakes with coconut treacle (or pancake with pol pani)

2013-03-08 17.54.12


Pancakes (I’m assuming you know how to make/buy these already)

Dessicated coconut (the fine variety)


Kitul  treacle – this is a fairly specific type of treacle. The closest thing I’ve found in taste is very dark muscovado sugar with a touch of molasses. This recipe works quite well with honey too – tastes different to the real thing ,but still delicious.

To make the pol pani, heat the kitul treacle and cinnamon gently, add the coconut, stir until the treacle is all absorbed by the coconut. Leave to cool. Put a dollop of the coconut (which should now be oozing treacle) in the middle of a pancake and roll it up. You’ll need a saucer under it as you eat it to catch the drips of treacle.

And, here’s a quote from Having a Ball (featuring coconut pancakes):

Stevie practically ran out of the cellar and up the few steps. As Tom bent over to retrieve the plate with the pancake, she saw him smile, a tiny, knowing smile. He knew she fancied him! And he’d expected it. The arrogant, supercilious…She turned round and stalked back to the kitchen, ignoring him as he followed her.

As they reached the kitchen the others looked up.

“Uncle Tom, your floozie came round,” said Alice, who was leaning against a kitchen counter.

“She’s not a floozie,” said Tom, pleasantly. “She’s a solicitor.”

“Oh yeah? Where does she solicit then? King’s Cross.”

Stevie grabbed her own tea and stormed off before she could hear his reply. She needed a moment to herself.

Having a Ball will be released on the 15th of March. Come join the launch party!