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Trewton Royd series (small town romance novellas)

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Short story. Free on most platforms

Two grumpy people trapped in the snow together

When is it okay to move on after loss?

A holiday fling is all very well, but what happens when the holiday ends?

Will Ellie throw her new found freedom away and tie herself to another man?

Four novellas in one BIG ebook.

Smart Girls Series

Each book can be read as a standalone story. Click on the covers for buy links.

The ebooks are available from Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, B&N etc – the link should let you choose your preferred retailer.

Book cover of Girl On The Run by Rhoda Baxter

Jane is hiding from the press, but secrets never stay hidden for long.

Contender For Joan Hessayon award

Sometimes, being a party planner really is a load of balls.

Nominated for RoNA award 2017

Girl In Trouble by Rhoda Baxter

A heroine who takes no nonsense, a hero who’s scared of spiders. Ideal for those who like an unlikely couple.

Girl At Christmas by Rhoda Baxter

The perfect guy was right in front of her all along.

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Mini reads

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This story first appeared in the Truly Madly Deeply anthology published by Mills and Boon in collaboration with the RNA. It was the only story in the anthology featuring Asian characters.

A standalone short story with some truly terrible puns about Knights.

Books for Writers (click on the covers to buy)

Book cover image How to Write Romantic comedy

How do you write funny stories?

An easy-to-read guide to the publishing industry

Jeevani Charika name and frangipani

Were you looking for Jeevani Charika? That’s my other pen name. You can find my books under that name at

Short story anthologies

Anthology Cover (white blurb)
TMD_eBook cover (2)
TMD part 8

12 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I loved your book, An Convenient Marriage. You are truly a great writer. It was a tough read at times, particularly the ending. I myself went through a relationship similar to Chaya and Noah’s, except I was the ‘Noah.’ My heart broke more than I though could be possible, and even though that relationship ended years ago, I still think about it from time to time. I like how creative and playful the characters were, and the emotion that leached out on several occasions. Good job.


  2. I just finished A Girl at Christmas, I really enjoyed Tammy & Lawrence. They made a cute couple, may it continue.


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I had a huge soft spot for Lawrence, ever since writing Girl In Trouble, so I’m always delighted when people like him.
      If you could rate/review it on Amazon the next time you’re shopping, that would be brilliant.

      Have a lovely Christmas.


  3. Dear Rhoda,
    I am writing to ask if you could possibly consider donating a signed book of your choice which I would use in a raffle were all proceeds go towards a pensioners “wee do” which I am organising for November 20th at St Aloysius Hall,Hillkirk Street,Springburn,Glasgow.
    I started the “wee do” 10 years ago after hearing a couple of pensioners talking about how lonely their home lives were and never receiving a visitor and I wanted to do something to help.I never realised at the time just how much loneliness affected our elderly till starting the “wee do” and it is pretty shocking to find just how many pensioners sit in day after day with no one to talk to.I am glad to see that this great problem is now being reported on main stream media and its shameful for pensioners that they are reporting that loneliness is contributing to early on set dementia.
    The “wee do” has been a great success and I have around 90 pensioners who come and enjoy a 3 course lunch,couple of drinks,wee bit of entertainment but more importantly the afternoons company that they so crave.They all tell me how much they look forward to their “wee do” and how much they enjoy it and this is exactly what I set out to do.
    I fundraise to pay for this by having raffles but believe me even getting raffle prizes is proving a big challenge,this is why I am asking for a little help.Any help you could give me with the “wee do” would be so gratefully appreciated by myself and the pensioners.As the price of food etc goes up every year this makes things just a little harder but I really want to keep going for as long as possible as the pensioners are a great bunch of people and really deserve their “wee do”.
    Thank you so much for reading this and please get in touch if any further information is needed.
    Yours sincerely
    Kathleen Sweeney
    39 Broomfield Road
    G21 3UB


  4. I just finished reading snowed in, and loved it. I loved the humor, the cynicism of the characters, and in places, I laughed until I cried. When is the book going live, and when do I need to review in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Rose, you totally made my day! The book is going live on the 27th of November (which is just over a week away! Eeep!). I’ve put it on Goodreads for now. I’m so glad you liked it. Vinnie is one of my favourite heroes!


  5. I have just finished reading Girl in Trouble and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is totally different from my usual reading and a lot more modern than I am – being old enough to be Rhoda’s mother! However I do have children and grandchildren so I do have some idea of the different joys and sorrows they share and I thought the characters in Girl in Trouble were so very true to life and each one well drawn. I also liked the way various strands were drawn together to make a satisfactory ending all round.

    Liked by 1 person

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