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Girl At Christmas – Get a free novella. Lawrence has been mad about Tammi for years, but with time running out, will he finally pluck up the courage to tell her?

After All This Time – exclusive short story about a character from Pat’s Pantry (not on sale anywhere). Margie’s husband is behaving very oddly. What could have changed after all this time together?

Pat’s Pantry is free on most retailers – The love of Sue’s life abandoned her when she was 18. Now he’s back and is connected to the rival bakery. Can she ever forgive her first love?

Don’t forget, you can order my books from your local library for free (print, ebook and audio, depending on your library). If it’s not on the shelf, you can request it and they may get it in for you. I love libraries, so I’d be delighted if you did this!

The US/UK glossary  because the whole thing about two nations divided by a common language is true.

Curious about books written as Jeevani Charika? Get Truth About the Other Guy (a 5000 word short story that was originally published in the Truly, Madly, Deeply anthology for free when you sign up to my Jeevani newsletter (don’t worry, you’ll still only get one newsletter from me).

For writers

Tutoring and courses: – everything an aspiring or debut novelist needs in one place.

A free Canva template to put your books onto a Facebook header (properly sized so that the book doesn’t get cut off when viewed on a mobile).

Canva for Authors tutorials on YouTube – please subscribe to the channel, I’d be very grateful.

Canva for Authors (free) Facebook group. We talk about Canva as it relates to Authors (predictably).

Publishing contract checklist (free)- This is the checklist I use when I get a new publication offer. what is your publisher REALLY offering you? Do you want to agree?

Romance Writer’s Toolkit – a collection of links and books useful for romance writers

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