Little Haunting By the Sea by Kate Johnson

Little Haunting By The Sea: A romantic comedy, with ghosts

Little Haunting By The Sea: A romantic comedy, with ghosts by Kate Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This is an unusual and wonderful book.

Jen sees dead people. There’s one dead Victorian child, Alice, who is her constant (ghost) companion, but there are others whereever she goes. Her family thought she was mentally ill and took her to see various doctors and sometimes the drugs helped… but in general, she can see ghosts. She’s come to accept that.

Quinn is haunted in a different way. He lost his famous twin brother and now he’s scarred in more ways that one (he’s missing a leg too). He’s a grumpy as hell Irish detective. If you like a grumpy hero, he’s your man. I really liked Quinn.

Then there’s Alice. She’s dead, but she’s wonderfully sarcastic. There are other ghosts as well, but they’re not as fun as Alice.

This is a book about ghosts and mental illness and social stigma, but those are handled well. Overall, it’s a great rom com with darker themes as an undercurrent. It’s really very good. You should read it.

I received an ARC of this book. I know the author in real life, but I’ve loved her books since before I met her. So you can be assured that this is my honest opinion.

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