Book Review: Murder Most Actual by Alexis Hall

Lisa heads up a podcast about true crimes called Murder Most actual. Her wife Hanna is a investment banker. They have been slowly drifting apart over the years and this holiday in a remote Scottish Highland hotel is Hanna’s way of trying to get them back together, except things go very wrong, and one of the guests gets murdered, and then several other guests also get murdered sequentially. Lisa turns amateur detective and uses her expertise from the podcast to try and solve the mystery.
The mystery itself is very twisty.
I enjoyed following Lisa and Hanna. I especially enjoyed the sharpness of Hanna’s banter. I really liked the way they slowly patched up their relationship, partly because the danger that they were in made them realise how much they meant to each other.

This is a great romp and as always with Alexis Hall, a great read. I heartily recommend it. I got a free review copy from Net Galley and this is my honest review. This is a Kobo original. So probably just available on Kobo. Go read it. It’s great.

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Book Review: How To Lose An Earl In Ten Weeks

How to Lose an Earl in Ten Weeks is a delight!
Essie is irreverent, headstrong and witty. Aidan is reserved, kind and very sarcastic. Their conversations were so much fun. I particularly liked how Essie’s voice was vivacious and young – she was believably eighteen.

Can I also say, I love the title!

I was offered an ARC of this book by the publisher (thank you!). I raced through it in a couple of days (which is quite fast for me!). With romantic intrigue and all the talk of the ton, it filled the regency romance gap that Bridgerton left when it ended. I loved it.

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