Book Review: Can You Keep A Secret (Sue Moorcroft)


Rhoda Baxter‘s review

Jan 01, 12  ·  edit
4 of 5 stars

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Read in December, 2011
I really liked this book. When Diane is summoned to hospital to see her husband who is injured in a helicopter crash, she finds that he has been lying to her for years. The mystery of what her husband has been hiding from her unravels slowly and ties in beautifully with the budding romance between Diane and James.
Diane is a strong and admirable character. It’s nice to read about a heroine whose troubles and reactions are realistic.
James in a likeable hero. It’s nice to read about a man who is has alpha male characteristics without being an annoying git.
The story moves along at a good pace and the extent of Gareth’s deception (and Diane’s responses to it) are dealt out evenly. The writing, as always, is superb.

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