Romantic Novelists’ Association conference 2012 (Penrith)

I spent last weekend at the Romantic Novelists’ Association annual conference in Penrith. It was the first time I’d been to a full conference (I’d been before for the day only). I had a wonderful time being a writing geek and discussing all sorts of random things relating to writing and romance. I feel like I’ve been talking and laughing for 72 hours straight.

We discussed heroines, heroes, Joss Whedon, Terry Pratchett, the perfect dinner date, the man with universal appeal (doesn’t exist), the films of Pixar, the writing of Joss Whedon, the cheekbones on Johnny Depp, the appeal of nerdy men, the general awesomeness of Jim Parsons, vampires, merkins, cats, bats, spanx and did I mention Joss Whedon?

There was food, wine, tea and cake and writing. Lots of talk about writing. I learned so much that my head is still buzzing with ideas and tips. I met some wonderful people and made a whole load of new friends. I talked so much that my face hurts. I think I’ll shut up for a bit now. Maybe catch up on some sleep. Here are some pictures.

Evonne Wareham getting the Joan Hessayon trophy
Evonne Wareham getting the Joan Hessayon trophy

Jane Lovering getting a big pink bowl for winning Romantic Novel of the Year
A random rose covered walkway at the Newton Rigg campus. I thought it was romantic.
I have dinner with award winning novelists don’t-cha-know.
More dinner with novelists
An explanation as to why the photos are so blurry?

8 thoughts on “Romantic Novelists’ Association conference 2012 (Penrith)

    1. It certainly was a long party. I learned an awful lot too!
      (And I definitely need to watch the rest of ‘Up’. Anything that can reduce an entire audience to tears in under 5 mins has got to be worth seeing!)


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