It’s here! It’s here! Doctor January is out in paperback!

I’m ridiculously excited that my first ever print book is out now!

Doctor January by Rhoda Baxter
It looks like this, but in 3D

It’s published by the fabulous Choc Lit. You can buy it on Amazon and other ebook retailers. Also you can buy it from proper real life bookshops. To test this theory (’cause I’m not sure I totally, 100% believed it was possible), I asked the Waterstones at the Uni where I work if they’ll stock it. They said yes. I shall be going by tomorrow to check!

I’m planning on eating lots of celebratory chocolate and having many cups of tea today – I know how to party on a school night.

So, here’s the link to Amazon. 

Please tell your friends, and your relatives and total strangers!

If you read it, please, please review it. We writers are constantly plagued with doubt and it’s very reassuring to know that people like what you’ve written (and if they’ve not liked it, why they didn’t, so that we know what we need to work on).

I’m off now to go jiggle about and cuddle my book. There may be cake. Byeeee!


7 thoughts on “It’s here! It’s here! Doctor January is out in paperback!

  1. Have a happy day today too, Rhoda! And tomorrow. Etc… Maybe this won’t be true for the next generation, but for those of us who grew up with actual, real, physical, three-dimensional books, there’s nothing like holding in your hands one with your name on it!

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