How To Write Romantic Comedy

Did I mention that I’ve got a new book out? It’s my first non-fiction book and it’s co-written with my friend and esteemed colleague Jane Lovering. It’s all about … how to write romantic comedy. We thought we’d go for the obvious title. (Discarded titles were ‘RomCom101’, ‘Three times round the car park and back in for another, Dammit, dammit’ and ‘Things to do whilst eating biscuits’).

There’s a lot about biscuits, but an awful lot more about writing comedy. Jane has won lots of awards for her books and I’ve failed to win (but been shortlisted for) lots awards for my books, and we’re both comedy theory nerds, so we do know what we’re talking about.

If you want to check it out, here it is!

Book cover image How to Write Romantic comedy

Do you want to write Romantic Comedy, but struggle with the comedy element of it? Are you stumped by how inject more humour into your novel? Do you want to know how story structure is just like telling a joke? Do you want to learn these things whilst being lightly entertained and given a giggle or two?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Award winning authors Jane Lovering and Rhoda Baxter have over twenty books between them (where they make a great defensive wall) and extensive experience of cramming laughter into literature. They will show you how to put comedy into your romances, and make you laugh while they do so.

This book will teach you:

  • The different types of comedy
  • The anatomy of a joke
  • How to make things funnier
  • Different uses for comedy in a novel
  • A simple trick to translate timing onto the page
  • Specificity explained through the medium of biscuits

If you’re looking for an easy, accessible How-To guide to writing romantic comedy* then this is the book for you.

*Contains confectionery. Bring tea.

It’s had some lovely reviews already from some established rom com writers! This post is getting rather long, so I won’t add them here. But if you pop over to the Amazon page, you might recognise some of the names 🙂

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