Book review: Married to Her Enemy by Jenni Fletcher

Married to Her EnemyMarried to Her Enemy by Jenni Fletcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having just read a load of regency romances, I thought I’d try something different and read a book with a medieval setting.
Aediva hates Normans (she’s a Saxon). So when big, blonde Norman dude Svend comes crashing into her village, she’s not happy about it. Svend, incidentally, is a Dane and not actually Norman … but to all intents and purposes he is the enemy.

I liked that Aediva is a ‘Saxon wildcat’. Her conversations with Svend are interesting to read.
The medieval setting was really interesting and unusual. I liked that the characters were realistically young too. I really cared for them.
Good characters, great dialogue, interesting setting, lots of fighting with swords… what more could you ask for?

The usual disclaimer applies – I know Jenni Fletcher as we’re both members of the RNA. I took this book out of the library (because libraries are awesome and writers get paid a tiny amount for each book you borrow!). But if you want to buy your own, the links are below.

Buy link US: Married to Her Enemy (Harlequin Historical)

Buy link UK:Married To Her Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

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