Writing confidence vs the Fear

Just one week to go before the launch of my first indie published book, Girl In Trouble goes live. Until now, I’ve been working my way through all the things that have to be done – getting first and second round edits to/from the editor, sorting out the cover, making sure that the backmatter links work, getting everything formatted and uploaded to Kindle, Kobo, Apple etc, sorting out the launch week bonuses. But now. Now the fear is hitting me.

All my previous novels have been published by a traditional publisher. The publisher was responsible for making sure that the right files went to the right place and all things went smoothly on launch day. This time around, I’m responsible for it all. What if something goes wrong? Having all the control is great, but on the flip side, it’s also all of the responsibility.

Girl in Trouble cover (no quote)

I’ve put together a few incentives for people to buy the book. The earlier you buy, the more you get:

  1. It’s going to be 99p until the 11th of October. A bargain for a full length book in an established series.
  2. If you buy it in the first week of release (9 – 16th of October) you get some bonus material for free: Kisschase –a book of short stories AND A collection of Sri Lankan recipes (which you can’t buy otherwise).

Right. I’m going to go hyperventilate quietly in the corner now. 

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