A few of my favourite things

Here, for no good reason, is list of things that I love:

Reading – My mum taught me to read. By the time I got to school, I was reading Teddy Robinson and Amelia Jane books to myself. This meant that the library books at school were way to baby-ish. I asked the school librarian if I could go to the middle school library section. She let me, with supervision, choose the big books. Hooray for open minded librarians!

Lego – My brother and I had Lego when we were kids and we shared the sets (there was no pink Lego on those days). I was the one who read the 2016-04-11-17-01-43instructions and built the sets. He was the one who went free style and built houses with escape hatches and booby traps. My kids aren’t particularly interested in Lego (although one of them loves Minecraft), so I can’t pretend I’m buying Lego for them… I make Lego book trailers for my novels.


Confectionery – I like to bake. I love to EAT cake. I was once called a cake Fiend. Such was my reputation that the lady from the canteen used to stop by on Friday and pass me a cake that was going to go off over the weekend… I don’t eat as much cake as I used to because I was in serious danger of being wider than I am tall. I’m only 4 ft 8, so there isn’t much room to play with.

Chocolate – technically, this should go under confectionery… but I feel it deserves a special mention.

Peter Parker – note, the preference for Peter over Spidey. Everyone wants to have secret superpowers and I’m no exception. Also, Peter designed his own web solution and the cartridges that fire the stuff  with the trigger nested in his palm. A chemist and an engineer. Be still my beating heart. 

Firefly – I love Firefly. Buffy passed me by somehow, so my introduction to Joss Whedon’s work was actually Doctor Horrible (loved it!). Then I saw Firefly. I’ve seen the whole series several times and I’m more than a little bit in love with Alan Tudyk (how can you not love a man who combines talent and silliness!). Shiny.

British Comedy –  Blackadder, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Green Wing, Spaced, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, to name a few… I’m ambivalent towards Monty Python apart from Life Of Brian. I love Life of Brian because it contains my favourite joke.

Star Trek the Original series – because it Blew My Mind.

Dr Who –  Strictly New Who only. I started watching it with the 10th Doctor. I went back and caught up with the Eccleston years, but David Tennant is The Doctor to me. Always. I didn’t watch Dr Who when I was a child. It was on too late, probably, or was too scary. Come to think of it, I’m not sure it even made it to Sri Lanka. Did it? Anyone?

The Big Bang Theory – because I love nerd jokes and I knew people like that at university. Clever is the new sexy. 

Clearing fluff from the filters on the tumble dryer – because it’s so satisfying.

Beta male heroes – because they are so much more fun than alphas. I like a man who can take a joke. If they wear glasses, so much the better. I reckon all men look more attractive with glasses on. See also, Big Bang Theory and Peter Parker.

So, what do you love? Tell me in the comments.


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