Book Review: Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

Where Love LiesWhere Love Lies by Julie Cohen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is fantastic. It’s about love. Not necessarily about romance, but about the nature of love. What makes up that wonderful swooping, magical feeling of being in love? Is it feelings? Memories? Something magical? Something visceral? If the feeling of being in love was killing you, would you chose to get rid of it?

Felicity occasionally smells frangipani and with the smell comes a very vivid sensation of being in love. At first she thinks the feeling is directed towards her husband, Quinn (who is adorable, by the way). Later, the feeling links more specifically, a memory of Ewan, whom she was in love with ten years ago. I like that even Felicity isn’t a hundred per cent sure what she feels and how much she should trust it. Suddenly, there are two important men in her life. At different times of the day she’s in love with both of them. How can you choose?

I cried at the end, but then I do that a lot nowadays.

This is a wonderful book. Everyone should read it.

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