News: Two good excuses to eat chocolate

Today’s book trade announcements carried this announcement from Choc Lit

Which means that I am now officially contracted to Choc Lit. So are Laura James and Alison May – both of whom are friends of mine from the RNA.  Hooray for all three of us!

Now, I’ve been published before, obviously, but this super duper exciting for me because my next book, Dr January, will be coming out in paperback. An actual PAPER book. Now at last my mum will be able to have a copy to keep on her shelf! There will be ebooks too, worry ye not. Dr January should be out around October 2014.

I’ve never made it into the book trade announcements before. I’m really very pleased.

I’m off to jump around excitedly for a bit and maybe treat myself to a hot chocolate. It helps keep dementia at bay you know. We should all have more hot chocolate. For medicinal purposes, of course.

6 thoughts on “News: Two good excuses to eat chocolate

  1. I think you deserve chocolate AND hot chocolate. And cake. And pudding. Maybe eat them after you’ve jumped around otherwise it could get messy…


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