It’s launch day for Having a Ball!

If I’m sounding like I’m hyper excited, it because I am. Publishing the first book was incredible and it moved me from being a writer to an author. Publishing a second book makes me feel like I’ve grown up a bit more.

Here’s the cover, in case I haven’t been going on about it often enough in the last couple of weeks:

Having a Ball

You can buy it for Kindle from Amazon or for any other eReaders from Uncial Press.

Any shares, likes, tweets, hugs, gifts of chocolate would be very much appreciated!

If you fancy entering a competition to win a free copy – just drop by the Transatlantic Pot Luck Party on Facebook.

(Does a little happy dance and breaks out the chocolate covered brazil nuts).

6 thoughts on “It’s launch day for Having a Ball!

  1. Huge congratulations! That is some well-deserved chocolate! (and let’s face it, the happy dance is burning off the calories so you can have another packet)


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