Canva For Authors: Book trailers

I remember looking at book trailers a few years ago and giving up because it seemed too complicated. I thought you needed to know a lot of a video and graphic design to make anything halfway decent.

Then Canva released video editing tools. Nowadays a lot of us edit videos on the fly for Tiktok and Instagram. If you can edit a video on Tiktok, you can edit a video in Canva. It’s quite easy.

Here’s a YouTube video walkthrough of exactly how to make a short video book trailer for your book. I’ve used my own book Picture Perfect as an example. Just click on the red play icon to watch.

How to make a video book trailer using Canva – a step by step tutorial

First I had to reduce the blurb to a three sentence ‘set up, details, hook’ formula, which took hours and hours. Then I spent some time poking around in Canva’s video library to find some videos of snowy landscapes and a New Year party (both of which feature heavily in Picture Perfect). I found a langrous rendition of Auld Lang Syne in Canva’s audio library.

I have a Pro subscription to Canva, but a lot of this stuff is available in the free library too. Also, if you only have a free account and really, really want to use something from the Pro library, you can pay a one-off fee to download it. The fee is usually only a few dollars.

Once I had the videos, audio and text all gathered together, putting the video together was fairly straightforward. Watch the clip on YouTube to see how it’s done.

Suzy Hull, who asked me about book trailers in the first place, made her own version using my instructions and it looks AMAZING.

If you find this video useful, please share and tell all your writer friends.

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