Canva for authors – graphics for the bewildered

I started a YouTube channel! No, really. At the moment, it focuses mainly on Canva tutorials for writers – these are step by step walk throughs. There are also several quickfire reviews of the creative writing teaching books that I own. I have a whole shelf full of them, so I figured I may as well tell you which ones are useful for what.

The first tutorial is a very basic introduction to Canva for beginners. What is Canva good for? Well, it’s a graphic design package that’s designed specifically to be easy for beginners to use. It’s much more intuitive than things like Photoshop. Some people would argue that Canva is not graphic design (and they’re right). It doesn’t do everything Photoshop or Abode Illustrator does, but it’s close enough for non-graphic designers. I use it to make book covers, social media graphics for my books and all sorts of other useful things.

You know those funky images that people share of their books on interesting backgrounds? Or the book cover next to a lovely quote that a reviewer gave? That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

So, here’s episode 1 of my Canva Tutorials for Beginners – A very basic introduction to Canva. If you find it useful, please subscribe to my channel (I’m trying to get to 1000 subscribers so that I can do more fun things).

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