Terry PRatchett- A life with Footnotes

I was given this as a Christmas present. I wasn’t sure what I would make of it, because I’m a fan of Terry Pratchett’s books and when he died, I felt palpable grief for this guy I’d never met, but had heard in my head for decades. When I read A Slip of The Keyboard, I cried.
This is a biography, written by Rob Wilkins who DID know and work closely with Terry Pratchett. If you thought Pratchett was a twinkly cuddly person, you’re in for a surprise (but if you’ve seen any of the programs about him/ by him, you’d know he’s a grumpy old so and so for the most part, but a kind and lovely man nonetheless). Because it’s Rob’s memories, it’s in Rob’s voice, which made it much easier to read. The last few chapters, when The Embuggerance takes hold, were difficult, not least because Rob’s own pain was so raw on the page.
I don’t really know what else to say in this review. If you want to see Terry Pratchett as his PA and friend saw him, then it’s well worth a read. You might feel that you’ve had a glimpse into the day to day working practice of someone who was a writer through and through. I’m glad I read it.
Now, I suppose I should read The Shepherd’s Crown (I own it, and have listened to Tony Robinson reading it. I just haven’t read it for myself yet).

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