Book review: Hex Appeal by Kate Johnson

I absolutely loved this book! I raced through it in a day (which isn’t something that happens often). It’s the sort of book where I read it while I was cooking, read it while I was waiting in line, just to keep reading.

Essie is a witch and lives in Beldam house with a coven of other witches – There’s Blessing who is a fertility witch and qualified midwife, Avery who helps manifest people’s desires (and makes medicines), Prudence who is a ghost and Maude who knits the future (maybe affects it, or maybe just predicts it) and Lilith who … well, they don’t talk about her.
Josh inherits a decaying farm house and finds he owns some Beldam house and they owe him rent. Except he can’t find the house. If he finds it, he promptly forgets it. He meets Essie outside of the house and he’s not about to forget her. Except of course, that she wants him to forget about the back rent…
And then to make matters worse, there’s a evil stirring.

This is a romcom with witches. These are very practical witches – like Terry Pratchett’s ones (more Tiffancy Aching and Granny than Nanny). Some of the things about the house are completely bananapants, but it totally works and it’s very funny in places.

I enjoyed this book a LOT.

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