Book review: A Murder of Principal by Saralyn Richards

I bought book this on a whim after seeing it on Twitter (I can’t remember what it referenced – the books by Arthur Hailey, maybe?). It’s been a while since I’ve read a book written in this style. There was a lot of background about school procedures etc, but it was still a murder mystery and it was still compelling. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading Arthur Hailey’s detail rich books. I’ll have to go read The Moneychangers again.
There are a lot of POV characters, but the main one is Sally Pearce – school administrator. I usually prefer crime novels with fewer POVs, but honestly, there was enough from each character to keep things ticking along. It made for a more rounded world, too. The book touches on a lot of social factors but remains a murder mystery at its core.
It was a good reminder to me that there are different styles of books and, when done well, they are wonderful. An excellent impulse buy.

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