Book review: Love & Other Dramas by Ronali Collings

Women’s fiction with Sri Lankan protagonists? I am 100% in the target demographic for this book. It’s always nice to see people who look like me in a popular book.
The story follows the lives of Tania, her mother Helen and Tania’s best friend, Priya as they learn to love and discover their sexualities later in life.
Tania is recently divorced and finding her feet again. She’s even gone back to work. But she can’t just slip back into the life she gave up when she got married and had kids. The world has changed and she feel old and out of place in it. Until she rediscovers her passion for dancing.
Helen is widowed and she’s blossoming.
Priya is in her forties, long divorced and generally a hot mess. She’s always been ambitious and she’s just been passed over for a promotion that she knew she deserved.
The women each try to find their own way in this changed world. I enjoyed reading about the ups and downs of trying to get back into work, or learning to love again when you’re older. I also enjoyed the dynamics between the generations – especially the way the roles reversed between mother and daughter.
The descriptions of the food made me so hungry!
I look forward to reading more from this author.
I received an advance review copy through Netgalley. This is my honest review.

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