The Grooms Wore White by Charlie Lyndhurst

This story is women’s fiction/ general fiction rather than romance and it centres around Jason who is a wedding planner, nearing his 40s and who has a long term partner in Pete; Mel who is in her 40s, suddenly single and grappling with being a single mum after all these years; and Harriet, who is another wedding planner, slightly younger than Jason, who is actively homophobic at the start of the book. Harriet is definitely not the most likeable, but she does go through a huge character change which is quite nice to see.
I really enjoyed reading this book, it was nice to see older characters looking for and finding romance or cementing existing romances because we quite often see only the point of view of the young. It was good to see Mel coming out of her shell. I loved the details about the weddings that Jason was working on. I especially liked how ‘Extra’ the Extra Weddings were.
This is a fun book to read. Thank you to the publisher for the ARC.

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