Book Review: Miracle on Christmas Street by Annie O’Neil

Miracle on Christmas StreetMiracle on Christmas Street by Annie O'Neil

Jess has left her much loved job because of a cheese-sandwich related disaster and has moved to Boughton just before Christmas. As she moves into her new house on Christmas Street, she discovers that the street has a living advent calendar – where each of the 24 houses in the close hosts one evening event in the run up to Christmas day. Everyone joins in, apart from the grumpy old man at number 24.

This is a charming story, where you get to know the residents in the street at the same time as Jess does. It’s women’s fiction rather than romance, but there is a strong romantic thread in it. The ending was just lovely.

It’s choc full of Christmassy things. I want one of Rex and Kai’s wreaths. They sound wonderful.

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