Book review: The Country Escape by Jane Lovering

A Country Escape by Jane Lovering

Oh, I loved this book!
Katie has moved herself and her fourteen year old daughter, Poppy, go a damp cottage outside Christmas Steepleton. She wakes up one morning to find a pony in her back yard and a wooden caravan just outside.
It turns out the caravan (and Patrick the pony) belong to ‘Granny Mary’ – who is quite the character and they will be staying until Mary is well enough to move on. With Mary’s arrival,comes Gabriel – who is slowly going blind and makes quilts and crochets for a living. I loved him. He’s very much my kind of hero.
Katie is guarded, with good reason and takes a while to open up – to Gabriel and to the reader – but when she does, you understand why she’s like she is. Her relationship with Poppy is very realistic. I loved that Poppy found friendship (and more) in Christmas Steepleton. It was also lovely to see Rory (who appears in Christmas Secrets by the Sea) again. Also, Thea, who appeared in The Boys of Christmas, which is one of my favourite Christmas novellas ever.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. There were places were I chuckled out loud. The descriptions of the house were so damp, I had to put on a jumper at one point.
I heartily recommend it.
[Usual disclaimer, I know the author in real life. I was a fan of her writing before I even met her.]

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