Book review: A Bicycle Built for Sue by Daisy Tate

A Bicycle Built for SueA Bicycle Built for Sue
 by Daisy Tate

This book made me cry (in a good way).

The story follows four very different women – Sue, who is still reeling from being widowed; Raven – the big brown goth girl – who is struggling with her identity and independence from her family; Septuagenarian Flo, who is refusing to embrace retirement and TV personality, Kath, who is realising that she wants more than to be the bright and cheery face of breakfast TV.
These four women all end up on a charity bike ride to raise money for a mental health charity. They all go through a journey – in every sense of the word.

Following four storylines is tricky, but I was so invested in all four of them by the end! My favourite was Flo, gently falling back in love with the man she married.
This is not a romance (in case you thought it was, from the chicklit cover). It’s excellent women’s fiction. It’s emotionally resonant and uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It has also put me off every going on a bike ride longer than a hour long. 🙂

I got a review copy from Netgalley. This is my honest review.

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