Writing and marketing books on sale!

This post is now out of date. A Royal Wedding was reissued under the new title Christmas At The Palace.

THIS SALE IS NOW OVER. But I’ve left the post up because these books are all really, really useful. I’ve read them all now.

Do you want to write romance novels (and make money from them?)

Here’s a selection of romance writing and marketing books which are on special offer this week. All the books are at least half price – all are £1.99 or below. These books are all written by romance authors and will teach you how to write romance that sells … and how to sell it!

The sale runs until the 15th of March – Get the whole bundle.

Book cover image How to Write Romantic comedy

How to Write Romantic Comedy by Jane Lovering and Rhoda Baxter

Want to write rom coms but don’t know how to go at the comedy part? This is an easy to follow guide on how to write funny fiction, from two bestselling rom com writers.

21 Ways to write a Commercial Novel by Jane Holland and Victoria Lamb

There is no set way to write a novel – but here are 21 good examples of how bestselling writers do it! Lots of tips in this one.

Liz Fielding’s Little Book of Writing Romance

This book is already a classic. Liz Fielding shares lessons learned from writing many, many, many books. (This book is free for a short time).

How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books by Nina Harrington

This book is a great resource if you’re planning to self publish. Nina’s guides all always packed full of good advice and have no filler.

Pitch Power - discover what makes your book irresistable

Pitch Power by Kate Harrison

Want to pitch to agents? Or write sales copy for your books? You need this book. From an author who used to pitch TV shows for a living.

Marketing the Romance by Liam Livings

You’ve written a book … now what? This book teaches you how to find your audience and market your book to them. It will help you to write a proper marketing plan for your book.

The sale has now ended.

Want a magic button to get ALL six books in one go? Here you are:

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