Book Review: Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade

Tiny House, Big Love (Love Unscripted Book 2)

Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade

This book is a little explosion of delight. Open hearted Lucy is looking for a tiny home that fits within her budget. To make matters more intense, she’s doing it on screen as part of a reality TV show about tiny houses. Helping her with her choice is Sebastian, her best friend.
Where Lucy is open hearted and generous with her feelings, Sebastian has learned to keep his feelings closed off. He adores her, but he can’t bring himself to tell her. When he does try, he’s so subtle about it that even Lucy can’t be sure whether he said what she thought he said.
The search for a tiny house puts them in close (cramped?) proximity to each other over and over again.

I loved the characters in this book. Sebastian in so sweet and faithful. Lucy, with her worry stone and hairy legs and lack of underwear is so comfortable in her skin. The dog and the cat were lovable too. Friends to lovers is my absolute favourite trope and this book had so much pining and adoring-from-a-distance in it! Brilliant.

This is a short book, so I galloped through it in a day. I will definitely read more by Olivia Dade.
I received an ARC of this book, this is my honest review.

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