Book review: Not Your Knight In Shining Armour by Kate Johnson

Not Your Knight in Shining Armour (Royal Weddings #3)Not Your Knight in Shining Armour by Kate Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my word, I loved this book.
Scarlet is a plus sized heroine (she’d say ‘fat’). She’s been a rock and roll brat and done that. Now she’s relauching a career as her new, sober, self.
Tom is a mess. He’s suffering from PTSD, tends to drink too much and is often depressed. He has tried just about every treatment money could buy (and he’s a Prince, so he has the money to buy just about everything!) but it’s not helping.
He meets Scarlet by chance and is kind to her. He falls in love with her voice first and then the rest of her. He doesn’t care that she’s fat. He loves her love of food. She loves that he’s kind. They end up having a clandestine relationship where they are mindful of each other’s problems. Being with Scarlet makes Tom WANT to give up alcohol… which helps with everything else.
There were some genuinely funny moments (at least one was a period joke). I liked that Tom wasn’t miraculously ‘cured’ and that Scarlet didn’t feel the need to get thinner – even though the media kept going on about her weight.
I’ve read the whole series of ‘Not Your’ Royal weddings books. I think this one and Not Your Cinderella are my favourites.
Usual disclaimer- I know the author. I bought a copy of this book on preorder because I expected it would be good… which it is!


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