Book review: Bollywood Wives by Alex Khan

Bollywood WivesBollywood Wives by Alex Khan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I absolutely galloped through this book. I didn't read the 80s era bonkbusters but I imagine they were like this. Even though I knew nothing about the glamorous world of Bollywood stardom, I got totally sucked into the lives of Zara Das and the Bollywood wives and the various conflicts between the women who all inhabit this rarefied circle.
The action is fairly relentless (lots of beautiful people bonking each other, the occasional attempted murder, the one actual murder) and so much happens. I stayed up late into the night reading. I really liked the way all the different strands came together in the end for a genuinely uplifting ending.
This is great fun reading. It's like the text version of having a good gossip.
Given how much fun this book was to read, I might have to go and find a copy of Hollywood Wives and read that now.

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