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Elissa keeps having these weird nightmares and wakes up covered in bruises. She feels like she’s someone else sometimes. But when she realises that the visions belong to the real life of her twin Lin, Elissa has to question everything she’s ever believed in.

I was completely hooked from the first chapter. The world building is thorough and intriguing. Elissa is, at first, the girl who has it all. Her response to meeting Lin and the way she deals with her familiar world being torn away from her is very realistic (so much so that I got a bit panicky at one point!).
While the story is a YA adventure, it also makes you think about how people dehumanise other in order to perpetrate terrible crimes on them.

I really enjoyed this book. I whizzed through it. I will be reading the sequel.

The usual disclaimer: I know the author through the Romantic Novelists Association. I paid for the book though, and genuinely enjoyed it.

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