The Bestseller Experiment and RNAConf2018

Sometime last year I started listening to The Bestseller Experiment – a podcast run by two guys called Mark, about how they were going to try and write, publish and market a bestseller in just one year. A weeks after I started listening, they had Bryan Cranston on the show and it all got huge. I remained a fan of the show and chatted to them and the rest of the community that formed around the show on Twitter.

So, when I got the chance to chat to one of the Marks at the RNA conference, I was thrilled. So, if you want to hear me trying to explain terms like ‘Instalust’ to a slightly bemused man, tune in to this week’s episode of The Bestseller Experiment. 

Also on this episode are Nicola Cornick and Sheila Creighton. All three of us mention how awesome the sense of community is at the RNA and how the NWS scheme mentors new writers. Listening to it made me miss the conference and all my friends from there. Never mind. York Tea soon.

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