Book review: One Summer in Italy by Sue Moorcroft

One Summer in ItalyOne Summer in Italy by Sue Moorcroft
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love, love, loved this book. I was wanting something summery and fun to read and it totally hit the spot.
After spending her twenties caring for her father, Sofia is taking a well earned break, travelling and learning to spread her wings. She starts her journey in Italy, in her father’s hometown.
Levi has… secrets… which bring him to Monteliberta. He falls in love with Sofia early on and has to do a bit of work in order to be with her. And Amy is a teenager running away from things (a lot of things).

There’s a lot going on in this book. The main thing that caught me was the setting and the atmosphere. I felt like I’d been transported to Italy and spent the whole time craving a cold glass of something on the terrace.
I received a review copy through Netgalley.
This is a wonderfully evocative holiday read.

Buy links: US One Summer in Italy
UK One Summer in Italy: The most uplifting summer romance you need to read in 2018

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