Book Review: Unveiled by Courtney Milan

Unveiled (Turner, #1)Unveiled by Courtney Milan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I bought this as a box set after Red Headed Girl from Smart Bitches mentioned it (and I LOVED The Brothers Sinister series). I raced through the box set over the Easter weekend. I really liked the portrayal of a hero with dyslexia, partly because Ash worked around his dyslexia so well. His instincts and ability to work well with numbers gave him an advantage in business.

Ash Turner is ruthless, but everyone likes him. We meet him at the point where he comes in to take over as the next owner of the house Margaret Dalrymple thought was hers. The conflict is immediate and huge.

I loved Ash. He’s a good businessman who operates on his instincts. He’s dyslexic, but has worked out how to get around it (very successfully). His devotion to his brothers is heart rending, especially as his brothers are both scholars and he hasn’t told them that he can’t read! His reaction, when he found out about Margaret’s deception was wonderfully Ash and not what you’d expect at all.

Margaret is sharp and has secrets to keep.
Courtney Milan does families (and found families) really well and this is no exception. The dialogue is brilliant, as always. I was so taken by the world created that I went straight onto to reading the next book (and the next and the next).

Buy Link UK: Unveiled (Mills & Boon M&B)
Buy Link US: Unveiled (Hqn)

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