Book review: Emma Ever After by Brigid Coady

Emma Ever AfterEmma Ever After by Brigid Coady

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a modern adaptation of Emma, not the easiest of stories to adapt because not a lot happens and Emma is so, well, Clueless.
In this version Emma works for a PR firm, coming up with faux-mances between celebrities for PR purposes. She lives with Gee Knightly, former boy band superstar.
Gee was a really interesting character. Emma was well meaning but a bit of an idiot. The supporting cast were interesting and varied.
I enjoyed the stuff about the Breach of The Peace fandom very much. I also found the discussion of the popular perception of bi-sexual people thought provoking. It was nice to see a bi-sexual hero in a mainstream romance novel.
A great adaptation of a classic.

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