Inheritance Books: Hannah Ellis

Today’s guest on Inheritance Books is Hannah Ellis. Hi Hannah, welcome to Inheritance Books. Have a seat on the sofa. While I put the kettle on, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself.

Profile pic(1)I was born in Durham and grew up in Sheffield, so despite living in Germany now, I’m a northern lass at heart. I studied Early Childhood Education at the University of Northumbria and then went on to work as a nanny in various parts of the world. I lived in America, Australia and Ireland before I finally settled in Munich, where I now live with my husband and two little boys. As well as writing and taking care of my boys, I also work part-time, teaching English in Kindergartens.
Which book have you inherited from generations above? Why is it special?

My inherited book is Alice in Wonderland. It is a beautiful illustrated hardback which was given to me by my grandmother. Even before I could read, I loved this book for the wonderful illustrations. It is such a fantastically bizarre story which transports you to somewhere else entirely. The characters are so very odd but so richly portrayed.aliceinwonderland

I love how this book appeals to both young and old alike and how it has deeper meanings depending on when in life you read it. I think the Cheshire Cat really sums up people perfectly: “We’re all mad here.” I love that line.

Which book would you leave for future generations? Why?

pride and prejudiceThe book I would like to leave to future generations is another classic: an old hardback copy of Pride and Prejudice. I found it in a gorgeous little English bookshop in Majorca. The shop had books haphazardly stacked all over the place, like someone had turned the downstairs of their house into a bookshop but hadn’t really planned it out – just crammed in as many books as possible. I think I lost a whole afternoon there and came away with a collection of beautiful old classics in hardback. Pride and prejudice sits on my bedside table and I dip in and out of it. I love the writing style, and I always feel as though I’m being transported to a different era. Austen’s humour is brilliant, and the wonderfully civilised sparring sessions between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy are just brilliant. I love everything about this book. It even smells incredible!

Old books do smell wonderful!

Thank you for sharing your special books with us Hannah. All the best for Always With You. I hope it flies off the shelves.

alwayswithyouHannah’s book Always With You is available to buy now. You can find out more about Hannah by visiting her website, on Facebook or Twitter (@booksellis).


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