Book review: Claiming his Pregnant Princess by Annie O’Neil

Claiming His Pregnant Princess: Italian RoyalsClaiming His Pregnant Princess: Italian Royals by Annie O’Neil

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t often read Mills and Boon books, because I’m not a fan of alpha males. I got a copy of this book in my RNAConf17 goody bag and Annie O’Neil is such a fun person, that I thought I’d have a go.

Bea is hiding from the paparazzi after her high profile society wedding was cancelled at the last minute in a blaze of scandal (Tempted by The Bridesmaid is the prequel to this book). She’s hiding out working as a medic in an emergency clinic. Oh, and she’s pregnant, but not showing yet.
Jamie is the guy that was supposed to be the love of Bea’s life, until she left him to go marry a prince. He’s been avoiding the papers, so he doesn’t know that the wedding didn’t happen. It turns out, he’s also Bea’s boss.

Jamie was all strong and manly, but really sweet with it. Bea came across as someone dealing with a range of conflicting emotions and managing to keep a brave face on it. They’re both realistic and the kind of people you’d root for. Well, I rooted for them, anyway. I really enjoyed this story. I’d read more by Annie O’Neil.

As mentioned at the start, I got a free copy of this book from the publisher (thank you!) and I met Annie O’Neil in real life at the Romantic Novelists Association Conference.

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