Book Review: Just For The Holidays by Sue Moorcroft

Just for the HolidaysJust for the Holidays by Sue Moorcroft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m a fan of Sue Moorcroft’s books in general, but I think this one is my favourite.
Leah agrees to help her sister and estranged husband out by tagging along on their family holiday and being the ‘Cool Auntie’ to their two teenagers. Poor Leah. I felt so sorry for her as things started off bad and got worse… and worse.
Ronan is recovering from a shoulder/collarbone injury after a helicopter crash and spending some quality time with his son Curtis.

I loved that Leah was happy with the single life and that she was a complete petrol head. I also liked the way the teenagers kept getting in the way of … well, everything.
You really feel for both the main characters.

I really enjoyed this book. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer as always – I know Sue Moorcroft through the Romantic Novelists Association. I am also a fan of her books.

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