Goodreads book review: A Crack in Everything by Ruth Frances Long

A Crack in EverythingA Crack in Everything by Ruth Frances Long

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve never been to Dublin and my knowledge of Irish Mythology is fairly limited (okay, I learned what I know from the TV series Merlin… so I don’t really know anything), but that didn’t matter. This is a fantastic book. It feels a bit like Neverwhere in that there are two cities coexisting on slightly different planes. I liked that. I also liked the battling matriarchs. I especially liked that you had no idea if Izzy could trust any of the supernaturals. Izzy is a great character. Jinx is a wonderfully layered character (even if you want to thump him occasionally).
I want to visit Dublin now. But not Dubh Linn, obviously.

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