Girl Having A Ball – Release Day!

It’s release day for my fourth book published by Choc Lit. Look at the lovely, lovely cover!

GHAB cover

Girl Having A Ball was published before as Having a Ball. It’s the same girl, and the same ball, but with a few changes to make it even better than it was. It’s the sequel to Girl On The Run and tells the story of Marshall’s sister Stevie. The third book in the series, which has the working title Girl In Trouble, should be out next year. [Doctor January isn’t part of this series, but one of the characters has a teeny tiny cameo in it, see if you can figure out who it is].

sri-lankan-party-foodThere’s an awful lot of food involved in this story. I’ve put together a small pamphlet with some recipes for them, including the delicious sweet coconut filled pancakes that Stevie loves so much. You can get a copy by signing up to my newsletter in the next four weeks.


Girl Having A Ball

What if you had to learn to stand on your own feet?

Although Stevie lost her parents when she was very young, she’s always been able to rely on her brother, Marsh. But now Marsh is married and Stevie feels like she is losing him too.

Determined to prove her independence, Stevie sets about transforming her life, giving up her dead-end job and following her passion for events management.

Her first assignment takes her to a stunning manor house in Oxford where she is tasked with organising a charity ball on a shoestring. Between canapé worries, celebrity guests and trying to keep the hyper-critical Lady Beryl happy, Stevie’s teenage crush, Tom, resurfaces to confuse things even further.

But ‘poor needy little Stevie’ is now ‘Stevie the strong woman’ and she won’t let a man get in the way of her dreams – will she?

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