News: Sequels to Girl On The Run

I’m very excited because I’ve just signed two contracts with Choc Lit for two books in the same world as Girl On The Run. I’ve bought cookie dough ice cream and some Lego to celebrate. These are both relevant to the books – one of the heroes is a marine biologist and ice cream features rather a lot in all the books in the series.

2016-03-03 15.50.29

The first book (which is currently called Having a Ball, but will probably get a new name) is the story of Stevie – cheeky little sister to Marshall in Girl On The Run. She’s a bit more grown up and trying to set up as a freelance party organiser. By the end of the book she’s a lot more grown up. The hero of the book is grumpy, workaholic Tom. There’s an awful lot about food in this book. Also, a fabulous house which is almost a character in itself, a barmy retired academic, cocky teenagers, a woman named after a European city and at least one disco ball.

The second book (provisionally titled Girl in Trouble) stars Olivia, who is Tom’s best friend and is known as Og for most of Having a Ball. I loved writing her. She’s a grown up tomboy who is outspoken, stubborn and commitment shy. She’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing an alpha male (and she’s not male). The hero in the book, Walter, is a marine biologist who’s scared of spiders. He’s also trying (and failing) to be a good dad to his 4 year old. This book touches on parenthood, voluntary childlessness, spiders, hydrothermal vents and The Octonauts. It is possible that some or all of these will come out in the edits. I hope I get to keep The Octonauts.

Once these are published, I’ll have five novels out in the world. I wouldn’t be able to do it if people didn’t keep reading them, so THANK YOU! I’d offer to share the ice cream with you, but it’s all gone now.


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