Five Random Things about Me by Rhoda Baxter

Taking Please Release Me on tour – today I’m telling Kirsty from Love of a Good Book some random facts about me.

Today I would like to welcome Choclit author Rhoda Baxter to The Love of a Good Book!

Five Random Things about Me by Rhoda BaxterHi Kirsty, thank you for having me on your blog. I was dithering about what to write about and thought I’d cheat and tell you five random things about me. I’ve brought biscuits as compensation. They’re still a bit warm from the oven, so you might want to blow on them first.

1> Rhoda Baxter is my pen name. I chose it because I used to work on a bacterium called Rhodobacter sphaeroides and I get all nostalgic about them sometimes. I looked up ‘Rhoda’ to check it was a real name before I started using it, because it sounded quite unusual. Turns out it’s a good old fashioned name – which, I found out yesterday, means ‘Rose’. There are a couple of other Rhoda Baxters…

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