Goodreads Book Review: You Think You Know Me by Clare Chase

You Think You Know MeYou Think You Know Me by Clare Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How well do you REALLY know your friends?
This book follows the heroine, Anna, as she tries to work this one out. She is at a gallery ‘do’ organised by her art-dealer friend Seb to showcase a new artist. Seb sometimes does her a favour and passes her some freelance work. She meets a guy called Max Conran, who isn’t who he says he is. He’s Darrick Farron, who does some sort of mysterious job involving sourcing rare art.

Seb thinks Darrick is shady (and he does seem a bit dodgy, what with the fake names and odd disappearances). But then Seb is a little creepy himself. Who’s a girl to believe?

I honestly did not know who the bad guy was until right at the end. When I found out, it wasn’t who I expected to be! This is a very tense book, which keeps you guessing right to the end. I thought Anna could do with a bit more cynicism in her life. Mind you, she gets so much conflicting information, she’d have been hard pressed to choose anyway.

A good, tense romantic suspense. Well done Clare Chase!

The usual disclaimer for Choc Lit books – we write for the same publisher. I read a lot of Choc Lit books (research, don’t cha know), but I buy them all myself.

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