Inheritance Books: Teresa Morgan

This week’s Inheritance Books are from contemporary romance writer and fellow cake fiend, Teresa Morgan. 

Hi Teresa, welcome to Inheritance Books. I’m out of cake, but I’ve got shortbread. Fancy a piece? So, tell us a bit about yourself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI live in sunny Weston-super-Mare, trying to hold onto my Surrey accent where I was born and bred.

I found writing in 2006 – and realised I would never be bored again. By 2009, I decided to take writing more seriously, in the hope it would work around my children. In 2013, I was blown away when Harper Impulse offered me a two-book contract.

When I’m not writing, I’m kept busy with my two boys (aged 10 & nearly 8), and in between, I work in a Post Office where I get to stamp things and count lots of money.

I’m at my happiest baking cakes, putting proper home cooked dinners on the table (whether the kids eat them or not), reading a good romance (with a glass of wine in hand obviously), or sitting at my PC emptying my thoughts onto the screen.

I love writing contemporary romance, stories with a touch of escapism and creating heroes readers will fall in love with. Men who in reality, let’s face it, just don’t exist.

 I love stamping things! My favourite is the sort that stamps the date on things. (Sorry, I’m a bit too keen on stationery). Ahem, where were we? Oh yes, which book have you inherited from a generation above?

072When I was twenty, my dad gave me Alive and Kicking by Beryl Kingston to read. (He likes historical women’s fiction, like Catherine Cookson). I took the book on holiday – my first holiday abroad to Spain. I remember reading it on the plane (once I’d got over the excitement I was actually flying) and it took a while to get into as I was used to reading books by Anne Rice at the time (I was going through the Vampire Chronicles).

The story is set around the First World War and is about a young woman who has played mother to her younger brother and sisters. I can’t remember the story hugely now, but I remember the romance in it (she falls in love with a soldier – her elder brother’s friend) and it was the first book to make me cry – I mean proper lump in the throat, blubbing tears cry (luckily this bit was not while on the plane). I loved the story so much I had to keep the book. It is still on my bookshelf to this day.

 Which book would you like to leave to future generations? Why?

073I’m trying to encourage both of my sons to enjoy reading and I would like to hand down my Lord of The Rings trilogy to my eldest son. I don’t think he’s quite old enough to read them yet, but when he is, I know he will thoroughly enjoy the stories. He was enthralled with The Hobbit when I read it to him, but he needs to read the trilogy for himself. He’ll gain more from them and from reading generally. They will always be on my bookshelf, so when he’s ready, they’ll be waiting.

I didn’t real the LOTR trilogy until I was in my twenties… but I read The Hobbit when I was around ten. Excellent choices. 

Thank you for sharing your Inheritance Books with us, Teresa. All the best with your books (and with getting your boys into reading).

One Fine DayTeresa’s book One Fine Day is available to buy now. You can find out more about Teresa on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter (@Teresa_Morgan10) and Goodreads.

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