Goodreads Book Review: Somewhere Beyond The Sea by Amanda James

Somewhere Beyond the SeaSomewhere Beyond the Sea by Amanda James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tristan and Karen are unusual for a main couple in a romance novel because they are already married – and it’s not a marriage of convenience or a plot to get a greencard or anything like that, it’s an honest-to-goodness, make-us-another-cup-of-tea-darling type marriage and they are already in love.
So, why bother reading it, you say? Well, the plot involves a mystery that has the potential to tear them apart. At first it does, but then… you’ll have to read it and see.

This is an intriguing and absorbing story. Tris is adorable. Karen takes a bit more time to warm up to, but her character gains depth surprisingly quickly. By the end I was so involved in their journey that I might have cried a little bit at the end (oh, okay, I did).

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