Goodreads Book review: How I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering

How I Wonder What You AreHow I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’d heard about Phinn, the hero in this book and I was so looking forward to reading about him that I pre-ordered the book. When it arrived on my Kindle, I zoomed through it within 24 hours. It would have been quicker if I could read in the shower.

Anyhew – Phinn is a genius and, like a lot of geniuses (geniusi?) he has only a passing relationship with living in the real world. Phinn is more Leonard Hofstader than Sheldon Cooper in that his insecurities have insecurities.Since I like my men to be cute in a stupid-ass way (sorry, DH!), I loved Phinn.

Molly is hiding from her past. As this past trickles out, you realise that Molly isn’t as nice as you first thought she was, but then, who is? I felt sorry for her dawning awareness. It made her more believable.

As always, there are very funny bits. The scene in the pub was hilarious. There’s also a couple of interesting best friends, a cesspit tank, a horse called Stan (quite a character) and a biting North Yorkshire wind that sees more action than anyone else.

The usual disclaimer applies – I know Jane. We both write for Choc Lit, but I was a fan before all that etc.

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