Goodreads Book review: The Last Gatekeeper by Katy Haye

The Last GatekeeperThe Last Gatekeeper by Katy Haye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book as a review copy from Katy Haye. I actually requested it from her because I’ve met Katy in real life and enjoyed talking to her, so I figured I’d like her book. Turns out I was right.

This is a very fast paced YA read. Zanzibar lives a very rural life because she has Electrical Hypersensitivity (it’s a real thing, I looked it up!) and generally feels like she’s a bit of a freak. On her 17th birthday everything changes. She finds out she’s part Fae – which explains why she never felt she fit in.
Zan has a fairly sharp and snarky voice, which I liked. The love interest, Thanriel, is a Talvarrine (which is pretty close to an Angel), who doesn’t like wearing a shirt because of the wings. The Fae fall into two camps – sharp and helpful or evil, evil, evil. My favourite character was Cal, a fae in the human world who is cynical and sarcastic, but ultimately a good guy. I love the name Zanzibar too.

The Last Gatekeeper is a fast paced read, and I galloped through it. I even read it while stirring dinner on the hob. The story is gripping and, occasionally, brutal (not gory, just brutal). Angels, Fairies and portals between worlds, what’s not to like?

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